Visit Blackpool

Ultimate Bucket & Spade List

Are you in search of those unforgettable holiday memories, those unique experiences that you will still be talking about for years to come?

Then why not head to Blackpool and you can see for yourself why this is the UK’s favourite beach resort.

Not only do we have award-winning beaches, attractions galore, and more shows and entertainment than you can shake a stick of rock at, we also have a collection of extraordinary bucket list ideas that will simply blow your senses!

Go on, you know you want to…

Stand by for the spectacular Blackpool debut of Europe’s premier civilian jet formation team, who will  bring their own jaw-dropping brand of aerial aerobatics to the skies to the free Blackpool Air Show on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 August.

Join their keeper with a bucket of fish and head to penguin beach where you'll be able to feed them and watch them waddle, dive and swim. What’s not to love? This is one of many unforgettable animal experiences at Blackpool Zoo.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is likely the most ride-intensive theme park on the planet. Question is: How many white-knuckle rides can you stomach in a day? The Big One is 25 this year but, trust us, age has not slowed it down! And you do not want to miss the incredible ICON!

The Big Switch-On: Friday 30 August, the line-up already includes the likes of Busted, Diversity, Sigma, and Nina Nesbitt, with more to come. Enter the free wristband ballot or guarantee your place at the party...

Climb on board one of our amazing heritage trams and relive the glorious art deco era of the 1930s. Better still, take a ride on one of the extraordinary illuminated trams that run during the autumn season.

Are you bold enough to take a walk of faith at the top of The Blackpool Tower? Step out of the lift 380 ft up and the thrilling Sky Walk awaits you... and don’t forget to say a happy 125th birthday to The Tower in this special celebratory year.

The outdoor Comedy Carpet is a celebration of comedy on an extraordinary scale. There is nothing like the British sense of humour and the Carpet immortalises the jokes, songs and comedy catchphrases of more than a thousand of Britain’s best-loved comedians and writers.

You are on the roof of the Sandcastle Waterpark. Just one thing stands between you and the tropical waters below. Well two things actually: The colossal Montazooma mat slide with 360 degree loops and back-to-back turns, or the Aztec Falls, an electrifying pitch-black descent into a giant bowl...

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a whole raft of Marvel super-heroes surrounded by debris and destruction! Confront the Hulk in a New York street or if that’s all too much, stand back and admire the superpowers of Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Captain Marvel.

Ward Thomas, Catherine McGrath and Sarah Darling will headline an impressive line-up at this inaugural festival at Blackpool Winter Gardens with more than 100 artists over the weekend of September 13-15. Don’t forget to pack the cowboy boots and rhinestones.

Experience a night of oceanic slumber with sharks and tropical fish at a sea-bed sleep over in Blackpool’s Sea Life centre. Get a group of friends together, pack your sleeping bags and enjoy the most incredible night beneath the ocean. 

Get ready for an electrifying cycle ride under the Blackpool Illuminations. Head for the seafront on Tuesday 27 August and join thousands of riders as they travel along the Prom for a sneak preview of the 2019 Lights in a traffic-free environment.