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Make Me Laugh

There’s definitely something funny going on around here.

Jokes, saucy postcards, comic quips, slapstick and the inevitable custard pie in the face – there’s nowhere quite like Blackpool to test out your laughing gear.

Whether it’s the multitude of venues where some of Britain’s greatest comedians played to capacity audiences; the summer season roll of honour inside the Winter Gardens; comedy clubs; brilliant pieces of public artwork; or the infamous laughing clown at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, you will find evidence a-plenty of Blackpool’s standing as the home of comedy and light entertainment.

Comedy Carpet

Comedy Carpet BlackpoolThere’s nothing like the British sense of humour, and a visit to Blackpool's Comedy Carpet is a bit like a trip to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This extraordinary outdoor public art is a celebration of comedy on a grand scale, immortalising the jokes, songs and catchphrases of around 1,000 of Britain’s best-loved comedians and writers.

Created by artist Gordon Young, it comprises more than 160,000 granite letters, some of which are best viewed from the top of the nearby Blackpool Tower!

Blackpool Tower Circus

The world-famous Tower Circus, which first appeared in 1894 and has never missed a season since, has long provided a stage for the best clowns in the business. In years gone by, it was Charlie Cairoli. These days, it is the inimitable Mooky the Clown and his sidekick, Mr. Boo, who provide the belly-laughs and side-splitting antics. 

Comedy Highlights Venue Date
Jon Richardson Blackpool Grand Theatre 3 & 4 Feb
Masie Adams Comedy Station Comedy Club 5 March
Frankie Boyle Blackpool Grand Theatre 9 May
Dara O Briain  Blackpool Grand Theatre 10 May
Jimmy Carr: Terribly Funny 2.0 Winter Gardens 09 June
Sarah Millican Winter Gardens 12 June
Tom Allen Blackpool Grand Theatre 15 Sept