Visit Blackpool

Fun for couples

During Feburary, we feel much more inclined to remain cooped up in the house when the weather isn't so great, but we'd encourage you to step out, arm-in-arm with the one you love in Blackpool, because there's so much to explore! 

  • Grand Theatre Tour

This year, the Grand Theatre Blackpool is celebrating its 125th anniversary, with a year-long programme of exciting events. On the February 15, you can go along to the Grand and explore to your heart’s content! Wander around the prettiest theatre in the land and enjoy the special archive on display highlighting the theatre’s history, from the original build through to the epic struggle . . .  to the glorious theatre it is today.
You can also book here a 30-minute tours led by one of the heritage volunteers for £4.00 per person, which you can book by clicking here.


  • Clip ‘n Climb

Clip ‘n Climb is a totally unique date idea, and perfect for couples of all kinds, particularly if your relationship thrives on a little healthy competition! Clip ‘n Climb is an indoor climbing centre with a difference; there are over 20 different climbing challenges to try, with speed challenges, twisting walls and ropes instead of hand grips.
If you’re both trying to get fit after Christmas, this is a really great way to spend quality time together whilst getting in shape. There are also evening climbercise classes to consider if you want a new way to keep you engaged on your fitness journey. To book, click here

  • A walk in the park 

If you’re looking for a tranquil escape and time to just be together, Blackpool has the answer. Stanley Park is perfect for a romantic picnic or leisurely walk, with lush flora and fauna, ornamental gardens and a picturesque lake. Even if it’s a bit too chilly for a picnic, be sure to bring along a Thermos to share and take a minute to just sit enjoy the peaceful company of your other half.


  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach WOW Weekends

Beat the winter blues, wrap up warm and head to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for half-price wristbands on February 16 and 17! Enjoy all of the park attractions for just £19.50, where you can stare lovingly at each other on the romantic River Caves boats, squeeze hold hands as you face the Big One’s BIG drop and see who wins the horse ride on the Steeplechase.

If one of you is a little more nervous of rides than the other, a day out at the UK’s favourite theme park will make for a great bonding experience! To book, click here.

  • Walk hand-in-hand across the sand 

Blackpool has six miles of sandy beach, and fabulous views across the Irish Sea. Whether walking off a satisfying meal or simply blowing off the cobwebs after being cooped up indoors, some fresh air and a good stroll is a great idea. Walk arm-in-arm with that special someone, catching up, reminiscing and enjoying the unique public art of the Great Promenade Show in South Shore or having a chuckle at the Comedy Carpet in front of The Blackpool Tower.


  • The best view in Blackpool 

Braving the heights will be much easier if you’ve got the support of the one you love, and you might find you appreciate it 380ft in the air! The Blackpool Tower Eye is a must if you’re visiting Blackpool; taking the lift all that way to the top and stepping out on to the glass floor (and daring to look down!) is an exhilarating experience. Check out the opening times for Bar 380 at the top of The Blackpool Tower where you can try out creative and tasty sky-themed cocktails that can be enjoyed from one of the most unique vantage points in the UK. To book tickets, click here.