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Marvel comes to Blackpool

The super-heroes are coming


NEW for 2018 - Be the Hero with Marvel!

Burst through the pages of vintage Marvel comic strips and step right into the action with Marvel Heroes. First enter a Jottenheim ice cave and come face to face with Thor. Are you brave enough to lift his hammer?
Then fight your way through debris, destruction and chaos in a New York Street and test your strength against the incredible Hulk, before hanging out with Spiderman. Be quick, the Daily Bugle have just arrived to take your photograph together.
Finally journey through the Guardians of The Galaxy corridor to the sounds of the 80s. Step into the prison bar and don your uniforms before standing stand side by side Groot and Rocket in a prison line up with a difference!

Sporting Hero Academy

Enter the Sporting Hero Academy and become immersed in a number of fun physical and mental challenges to test and hone your own heroic skills.
Come face to face with the stars of the sporting world including Olympic champion Mo Farah and British Formula 1 Racing Car Driver Lewis Hamilton and learn about their very own dedication to sport.

Sporing Zone
Then test your own credentials as you begin an exciting personal trial using speed, poise, agility, stealth and focus to unleash your inner sporting hero!

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Both features will be on display from March 23rd 2018