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Wavefield - Wednesday 23 to Saturday 26 October – 6pm to 10.30pm

A collection of giant seesaws in St Johns Square allows each user to become “the player of a novel instrument.” Though they are ridden like any other seesaw, their motion activates built in lights and speakers, with the 8 seesaws working in concert to produce a constantly evolving ephemeral composition.

The seesaws form units of light and sound that can be activated and played by the public to create a temporal, ever-changing event.

When activated by users and inclined, the see-saws, wired to LED lights and a speaker, will augment in light intensification and emit a sound sequence. The 8 see-saws will shift along the length of St Johns Square in plan, while their vertical motion creates a dynamic light and sound wave. Wave-Field is an ever-changing urban instrument.

All spectators, whether active or passive, are immersed in a heteromorphic soundscape, forming an undulating field that fluctuates between abstract sound expansions. Each seesaw is inhabited by a foreign entity, each with its own temperament and its own musical vocabulary. Set in motion, they burst into a menagerie of electric calls that resonate with the site’s urban pulse, blurring the boundaries between sound and landscape.

This installation was created by CS Design and Lateral office with soundscape by Mitchell Akiyama.