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Sun - Monday 14 to Saturday 26 October (Winter Gardens, Olympia) – 6pm to 10.30pm 

SUN; a suspended, self-contained sphere, 7m across, with a digitally combined movie of NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory extreme ultraviolet imagery internally projected to create a spectacular, 360-degree presentation of our closest star, the first of its kind.

Our closest star is the ultimate epitome of this! Housed within a large blacked-out, warehouse-like space in the Winter Gardens complex, SUN is a 7-metre diameter sphere suspended 1-2 metres above the ground. Eight laser projectors are contained inside the sphere, projecting out onto the projection fabric. The projection will be a digitally combined movie of the NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory Atmospheric Imaging Assembly EUV images, stitched together to form a full 360o presentation. Switching between the wavelengths of 2 EUV light in sync with a music soundtrack, SUN will be experienced as a constantly changing, dynamic art installation that transforms our perception of the star.

In collaboration with Prof Robert Walsh, UCLAN who has a 3 year fellowship to bring public engagement in science to Blackpool through the Illuminations.

Professor Robert Walsh (RWW) is a world expert on the analysis of spacebased solar observations coupled to computational modeling of the Sun’s corona. With nearly fifty journal papers and over £1M of research funding, he has several international collaborations, including being an institutional PI on NASA Marshall Space Flight Center’s sounding rocket programme.

An education programme for local schools is currently being developed.