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LeftCoast Presents RUSH - October 26, Blackpool Promenade and Town Centre

Set against an icon of Blackpool’s skyline, RUSH is coming to Blackpool for one night only during this year’s Lightpool Festival on Friday 26 October2018. An outdoor large-scale dance spectacular, RUSH tells the everyday stories of people we all recognise in a huge release of energy and creativity.

The former police station tower on Bonny Street will become the set for a community cast of 100 residents performing with professional dancers from Southpaw Dance Company to an urban soundtrack. RUSH is a one-off experience of dance, light, projection, and film exploring current issues in a unique way.

After you’ve experienced RUSH in Blackpool you will leave with a sense of exhilaration knowing that the power to change things lies with our communities.

RUSH will give a unique insight into Blackpool’s communities by working with a locally recruited cast of 100 through six weeks of rehearsals and workshops. A local writer will take stories from actual participants, retell them and RUSH will be reborn in Blackpool.

RUSH has been commissioned by LeftCoast and will take place on the site of the old Bonny Street Police Headquarters, a prominent feature of Blackpool’s skyline.

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