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Adonias by Pyronix – Saturday October 26, Comedy Carpet - 7pm

Lightpool Festival invites you to immerse yourself in a fantastic universe where fire is at the heart of an endless struggle.
Adonis is the latest production from Pyronix, with a Celtic vibe in this colourful universe, where the red is master. Let them seduce you with medieval and catchy music, and a mixture of poetry and technique that will not leave you insensitive
Adonias presents the ruthless competition that binds the most powerful fire masters. With precise choreography and intense music, you’ll be taken on an outstanding and explosive visual journey.

Equipped with their finest kilts our artists will impress you with the objects they handle, from the immerse sphere to the flamethrower, not forgetting the swirling embers of which they will disappear

This Belgian professional fire, light & pyrotechnic show will bring the Comedy Carpet alight with an outstanding fire show extravaganza.