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Lightpool Festival Finale

Lightpool Festival presents Pyronix

This Belgian professional fire, light & pyrotechnic show will bring St Johns Square alight with an outstanding fire show extravaganza.
Pyronix passion for fire was born in 2010, when the company - initially, some specialists of circus practices - decided to concentrate its efforts on the manipulation of objects inflamed and luminous.
A contagious passion that brought each member of the Pyronix company to learn, appreciate and domesticate the flame. Rigor, discipline and professionalism are at the base of each of the creative approaches of Pyronix.

By combining body techniques (martial arts, dance and acrobatics) and technological techniques (LED, videomapping, multimedia techniques) with a solid circus training, Pyronix builds each of its shows with the same aspiration: to create this "magic" at each of the spectators.
Having performed in Belgium, Italy and France, Pyronix are presenting their one and only UK 2018 date at the Lightoool Festival