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Tower Projections

This year, The Blackpool Tower Projections will run between 1 September and 7 January, and will once again transform the iconic Tower building into a sea of light, colour and sound. 

From festive-filled stories to sci-fi projections that will catapult you to another world, these free-to-watch, digitally-mapped shows are a mesmerising treat for the eyes.

Micro Lightpool Festival 2023

Micro, by Hotaru Visual Guerrilla, Spain

The microscopic world is full of fascinating and beautiful images that captivate the minds of scientists and laypeople alike. Whether viewed through a microscope or captured by advanced imaging technology, the shapes and patterns found at the microscopic level are truly breathtaking. 

Through abstraction and imagination, we strive to create a peaceful and introspective sensory experience that allows the viewer to rediscover their connection to nature through the digital realm.

It is accompanied by audio exclusively designed for the artwork by Martin Stavrev (co-founder of The Science) to guide the audience through different emotions.


Projections as part of Blackpool Illuminations
Nickelodeon Tower Projection Show

Nickelodeon Projection Show

1 September - 7 January, 2024

After it made its grand premiere at the Blackpool Illuminations Switch-On event, don't miss the new Nickelodeon Tower Projection Show, running nightly until 7 January, 2024.

Watch in awe as The Blackpool Tower transforms into a playground for the beloved stars of Nickelodeon. Look out for SpongeBob SquarePants as he takes the Tower under the sea in an aquatic adventure; join Paw Patrol on a mission to safeguard our seaside town; keep an eye out for Transformers as they dramatically burst onto the scene; and get ready for ghouls galore at Monster High as the most famous monsters showcase their sass.

To top it all off, the Tower will be covered in a generous helping of Nickelodeon's trademark slime, transforming this projection show into a brilliantly colourful homage to the world’s favourite children’s TV channel.

Down the rabbit hole
Down The Rabbit Hole

1 September - 7 January, 2023

Down the Rabbit Hole tells the story of an astronaut exploring new worlds. The show explores a fantasy based loosely upon a remarkable mission of determination and ambition. This experience draws the audience into worlds without gravity: beautiful, fantastic and full of uncertainty.

This incredible show was created by Czech-based digital art collective The Macula, an award-winning company formed in 2007. The team have dazzled audiences throughout Europe with their shows, gaining great acclaim in the UK with Luminous Flux to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Liverpool’s Liver Building.

Enchanted Blackpool

1 September - 7 January, 2023

Enchanted Blackpool was created by Cecile Llewelyn-Bowen, the daughter of Illuminations Curator Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Cecile is a film-maker and brought to life designs created by her father in this show.

A flurry of cute characters and lavish backdrops delight the show’s main character, a woman who has wandered into this magical world as she journeys from under the sea to the opulent Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

Other projections include:


1 September - 7 January, 2023

The Sooty Projection Show is a short film celebrating Sooty’s 70th Birthday with an introduction from Sooty himself! We can’t wait to see Sooty and friends on The Blackpool Tower!

Roll up, roll up for Circus250! 

1 September - 7 January, 2023

The Circus 250 Projection show is celebrating the vast history of circus and, more specifically, The Blackpool Tower Circus. The show will focus on fond memories, sensational acts and larger than life characters from past and present who have inspired entertainment in Blackpool and the rest of the world.

History of Blackpool

1 September - 7 January, 2023

This projection mapping show takes you through a nostalgic journey of Blackpool's time gone by. 


1 September - 7 January, 2023

The projection mapping show celebrates the history of dance in Blackpool. Join in on the Comedy Carpet!