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The country’s most iconic tourist landmark is currently sporting an illuminated blue heart as message of support to the NHS and our emergency services. It is also serving as a vital hub for food donations to feed the vulnerable.

We can’t wait for The Blackpool Tower to reopen its doors to do what it has done for more than a century – create magical memories for generations of families. For now though, why not discover a different side to the famous Tower Ballroom and Tower Circus? 

The Tower Circus

The magic of The Tower Ballroom captures the interest of dance enthusiasts across the globe with its unique sprung dancefloor and impressive architecture.
The Tower Ballroom’s organist, Chris Hopkins, has brought the ballroom’s atmosphere to your home in this special video. Pour yourself a glass of prosecco, turn up the volume and imagine you are dressed to the nines dancing the night away in The Tower Ballroom.

Still have dancing fever? Step into the shoes of professional dancers and stars of Strictly, Neil Jones and Katya Jones in this short video below. It won’t be long until you waltz, foxtrot or hold your partner close in the most magical ballroom on Earth but, for now, we’ll dust off our dancing shoes and strut our stuff at home.


The Tower Circus

The Tower Circus has been delighting audiences for over a century, in fact it’s the oldest permanent Circus Arena in the world!

In the short video below, which was recorded a couple of years ago, you will meet Laci Endresz, producer and director for the Blackpool Tower Circus, and a special appearance from our famous resident, Mooky the Clown! The Circus hasn’t missed a season since 1894, even between two World Wars, so all our fingers are crossed that the show will go on this season.


SEA LIFE Blackpool 

Discover the underwater world from your living room with these short educational videos from SEA LIFE Blackpool, perfect if you are home schooling your little ones.
Marvel at the fin-tastic rays and sharks, delve a little deeper into the world of eels, and learn all about lobsters, the crusty creatures of the deep blue sea.

There’s more to discover at SEA LIFE Blackpool, so we hope you swim over when they re-open their doors!