Visit Blackpool

Seaside Fun

Easter brings with it milder weather and more sunshine. What better way to make the most of this than at the beach?

Blackpool has six miles of beach, one of which has won Blue Flag awards! 

Stroll along Blackpool Promenade

Everyone enjoys a bracing stroll, and the beautifully-landscaped walkway of Blackpool Promenade is perfect if you don't fancy the sand in between your toes. You can fill a full day's worth of activity if you spend your time at a leisurely pace, popping into the amusements and browsing the many shops dotted along the Golden Mile.

Blackpool Coastline

Explore Blackpool Piers

Blackpool is the only UK seaside resort to have three piers, and they'll all be open daily from Easter weekend, and remain completely free to access!

North Pier is the perfect example of Victorian seaside culture, with traditional attractions and a sun lounge that allows you to enjoy the fresh air without getting buffeted about. Central and South Piers are all about family fun. Central Pier is very much a family entertainment complex with an enormous ferris wheel and pirate-themed family bar, and South Pier features larger thrill rides and the Laughing Donkey Family Bar (with free entertainment).  

Aerial Blackpool Coastline

The Comedy Carpet

The Comedy Carpet is just outside the iconic Blackpool Tower, and it’s one of the largest pieces of public art ever commissioned in the UK.  The Comedy Carpet immortalises and celebrates the jokes, songs and comedy catchphrases of Britain’s most well-loved comedians and writers, from the Two Ronnies to Tommy Cooper, Peter Kay to Ken Dodd. Spend an afternoon exploring the jokes colourfully emblazoned on the ground, chuckling away and enjoying the nostalgia. 

Comedy Carpet on Blackpool Promenade