Visit Blackpool

Emma Street

Visitor Services Assistant

I joined the VisitBlackpool Team straight after leaving school and have now been working in the Tourist Information Centre for 15 years.

Favourite place in Blackpool

Stanley Park is a fantastic place to visit with the beautiful botanic Gardens and art deco café, I love taking my 2 children here.

Best thing about working in the Tourist Information Centre

No day is the same, I love the visitors that return year after year and know you by name. I love hearing the stories about couples who met here in their teens and are still coming back in their 80’s.

What’s the funniest/wackiest thing you have ever been asked?

I'm torn between two!
  • When a lady asked for directions, I said if you go out of the doors and turn left. Before I finished she said “I am not from around here, which ways left”…. The same way it is where you live!
  • When a customer purchased a 3 day travelcard and I asked if they would like it to start today or tomorrow? They said make it to start from yesterday, as I arrived yesterday!