Visit Blackpool

Alan Johnston

Visitor Services Assistant

I have worked in the department for 27 years now and worked with many wonderful people over the years.

Favourite place in Blackpool

Having so many great attractions in the resort it’s hard to pick a favourite but I would have to say at the moment it is the fantastic Comedy Carpet.

Best thing about working in the Tourist Information Centre

No day is ever the same and it’s great meeting different people from all walks of life and assisting in making our visitors have the most enjoyable holiday experience they can while in our wonderful resort.

What’s the funniest/wackiest thing you have ever been asked?

There are so many funny moments that I could mention but the most recent enquiry that made me laugh was during the World Firework Championships when I was asked what time the display started. When told it was 8.30 they asked if that was morning or night!!!!