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Weeks spent cooped up at home without our friends and even family by our side can naturally take a toll on our health,  both mentally and physically. 

During this time, you may have been dreaming where to go and what to see when lockdown is lifted. In fact, one study found that we spent 20 minutes a day thinking of post-lockdown freedom - that’s over nine hours a month!

Some people might be eager to jump straight back into normal life. Others, however, might be hesitant to re-adjust and feel anxious about venturing out.

Thankfully, Blackpool is blessed with open spaces. Way back in the day that is why people flocked to our shores. It means that social distancing can easily be followed, allowing our visitors to feel safe whilst enjoying their getaway.

Here are five open air spaces to visit in Blackpool, so grab your deckchair, make a picnic and head to the nation’s favourite beach resort!

Stanley Park

Did you know Stanley Park was voted the UK’s best park in 2019? This Grade II listed park boasts 390 breath-taking acres of parkland and offers a unique blend of landscape design and historical architecture. 

Take a stroll around the beautiful Italian Gardens and explore the historical buildings on offer. Head to the boating lake, hop in your boat and set sail around the park, taking in the spectacular woodland areas.

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Blackpool Zoo

Across the road from Stanley Park is the award-winning Blackpool Zoo, home to over 1,500 rare and endangered animals. The family-friendly attraction is 32-acres, making it easy to roam around and explore. 

Blackpool Zoo became one of the first attractions to open in line with the Government’s advice. Their extensive opening measures, including limiting the number of visitors along with multiple hand sanitiser stations, should make you feel at ease throughout the day. The attraction is also mostly outdoors, suiting visitors who want to avoid enclosed spaces.  

Blackpool Zoo has done a tremendous job looking after their animals during this time of uncertainty, so you’re certainly in safe hands. Support our zoo, reconnect with nature, enjoy your favourite animals and take in their beautiful parkland- you won’t regret it!

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Comedy Carpet

The Comedy Carpet, situated in the shadow of the world famous Blackpool Tower, is a must-see when you’re next in Blackpool. Did you know it’s one of the largest pieces of public art ever commissioned in the UK? It features the famous quotes and names of over 850 writers and comedians. Plus, we’re all yearning for some positivity after these recent months, so this hilarious collection will certainly put a smile on your face! 

After you’ve marvelled at the 1880-square metre Comedy Carpet experience, why not head to Central beach just a few short steps away?

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Blackpool Beach

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside! Blackpool’s beautiful coastline stretches for six miles and it was one of the most talked about locations during lockdown, after people praised our serene blue waters.  

Our coastline is the perfect recipe of getting away from home and enjoying the great outdoors with unlimited open space. Make sure to check the 2020 tide times in Blackpool so you can take advantage of extra space on a vast expanse of beach without worrying about social distancing measures.

There’s something undeniably invigorating about the sea air and the waves lapping against the shore. The salt minerals in the air actually reduces stress levels, so take in the sea breeze, recharge your batteries and escape to the great British seaside!

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Blackpool’s three piers

The seaside pier is one of the most iconic symbols of the British seaside and our visitors are in for a treat as Blackpool is the only UK resort to boast three piers! Discover these beautiful Victorian structures which stood proud for well over a century.

Each pier has its unique features which make up our seaside heritage, so it’s often too difficult to choose which pier to visit - so why not discover all three? Start your stroll at North Pier, our oldest pier of the three and, at your leisure, walk the Golden Mile towards Central Pier and finish at the South Pier.  The walk from North to South is around 1.6 miles and would take around 35 minutes (excluding the piers).

There’s plenty of space on both the promenade and piers to feel safe and a walk over the waves will feel like a much-needed escape from lockdown.

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