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Good To Go

On the 23 June, VisitEngland launched their ‘We’re Good to Go’ industry standard. This official UK mark is intended to put safety first and help the UK tourism industry get back on its feet.

What does this mean for you as a visitor? This mark will act as a ring of confidence to reassure you that a business is doing all what they can to keep you safe. It applies to tourist attractions, accommodation, restaurants and pubs, venues, and tour and coach operators. When planning a trip, check if they have the green tick displayed on their website or in their premises.

We're Good to Go LogoTo obtain the standard, businesses must show that they have carried out a COVID risk assessment and are adhering to all of the latest Government guidelines and making necessary changes around social distancing, staff training and health and safety.

Measures include:

  • Hotels and accommodation providers will need to introduce deep cleaning regimes between guests.
  • Meal services including breakfasts will need to be pre-booked and timed, and shared facilities will only be accessible to one family group at a time.
  • Timed tickets will be introduced for some exhibitions, theme parks, galleries and attractions to reduce the number of visitors in locations at the same time.
  • One way systems, clear floor markings and a queue management system should be in place to maintain social distancing measures at all attractions and help to limit contact between both staff and visitors.
  • Organisations should also encourage cashless payments throughout to avoid cross contamination.

In addition, visitor attractions will need to introduce regular deep cleaning regimes across their site and some interactive displays will need to be temporarily closed.

Which Blackpool businesses have the VisitEngland mark?

Please keep checking back as we will update our list regularly. The businesses that have been awarded the mark so far are:


Name Location Open Date
Madame Tussauds Blackpool 4th July
The Blackpool Tower Blackpool 4th July
SEA LIFE Blackpool Blackpool 4th July
Blackpool Pleasure Beach Blackpool 4th July
Blackpool Model Village Blackpool 4th July
Blackpool Zoo Blackpool 29 June
Blackpool Ghost Walks Blackpool 18th July
The Regent Cinema Blackpool 10th July
Blackpool Piers North, Central, South 04th July
Escape Room Centre Blackpool 11th July
Grundy Art Gallery Blackpool 29th July
Donkeys  Blackpool 4th July
Blackpool Transport Bus & Trams    
Coral Island Blackpool 4th July
Wild Discovery at Ribby Village Wrea Green 6th July
Lytham Hall Lytham 18th July


Name Telephone Rating Opening  Date
Aberford (The) 01253 625026 Three Star  
Address (The) 01253 624238 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Adelaide House 01253 625172 Three Star 17th August
Adelaide Lodge      
Almeria Hotel 01253 294757    
Arabella (The) 01253 623189 Four Star & BPL Approved 18th July
Arendale (The) 01253 351044 Three Star 4th July
Alondra Hotel      
Art B&B 01253 708061    
Ascot Guest House 01253 346439 Blackpool Approved 31st July
Arthington 01253 346436 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Atlantis 01253 290259 Blackpool Approved 17th July
Appleton House      
Avenue Guest House 01253 626146    
Aysgarth House      
Bamford House (The) 01253 622433 Three Star  
Baileys Guest House      
Bamford House      
Barton House 01253 346090 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Beauchief (The) 01253 353314 Three Star  4th July
Beaucliffe (The) 01253 351663 Three Star 1st August
Bedford (The) 01253 623475   6th July
Beechfield Hotel (The) 01253 626569 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Beeches 01253 622196 Four Star 10th August
Bel Reve Hotel 01253 625684    
Bella Vista Lodge 01253 751290 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Benson Hotel      
Berkeley Apartments (The) 01253 351244 4 Star AA/Bpl Approved 4th July
Berkswell (The) 01253 341374 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Berwick (The) 01253 351496 Blackpool Approved 10th July
Bevelerly Hotel 01253 346735 Blackpool Approved 10th July
Beverley Dean      
Bianca Guest House 01253 352896 3 Star Silver/Bpl Accredited  
Birch House      
Birch Villa 01253 345637 Blackpool Approved  
Blackpool FC Hotel 01253 409953 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Blackpool Lodge 01253 428150 Three Star  
Blackpool Resort Hotel    Blackpool Approved 4th July
Blenheim Mount 01253 625867 Three Star 4th July
Boulevard Hotel 01253 336073 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Bradburys of Blackpool 01253 428952 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Branston Lodge 01253 347391 Four Star  
Briardene Hotel      
Brene Hotel 01253 621854 Blackpool Approved  
Bromley (The) 01253 624171 Four Star AA 6th July
Brooklyn 0125 3627003 Blackpool Approved  
By The Seaside 01253 346087 Four Star Breakfast  
Caledonia House 01253 623059 Three Star  
California Guest House      
Camelot House 01253 353636 Blackpool Approved  
Carleton (The) 01253 623272    
Carousel Hotel      
Casablanca Guest House      
Caxton Lodge   Blackpool Approved 4th July
Charnley Gold      
Cherry Tree House 01253 624127 Four Star Silver Breakfast OPEN - Key workers
Chorlton (The) 01253 293668 Blackpool Approved Mid July
Clarron House 01253 623748 Two Star August
Clevedon (The) 01253 623671    
Clifton Court 01253 342385 Two Star, Silver, Breakfast 4 Tuly
Clifton Leaisure Park      
Coast Apartments 01253 351377 Four Star Gold 4th July
Come Ye In 01253 625065 Blackpool Approved End August
Corona (The) 01253 342586 Four Star Breakfast 17th July
Craig-Y-Don Hotel (The) 01253 624249 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Craigmore (The)      
Craimar (The) 0125 3622185 Four Star 4th July
Cranstone (The) 01253 345918 Blackpool Approved 3rd August
Cumbrian Guest House      
Danescourt Hotel 01253 343338    
Darfield Hotel 01253 621736    
Delamere Hotel      
Deneside 01253 620703 Four Star  
Derby (The) 01253 623708 Three Star AA 3rd August
Derwent Hotel (The)      
Doric Hotel 01253 351751 Three Star 4th July
Dragonfly (The) 01253 623204 Four Star  
Elgin (The) 01253 351433 Three Star 10th July
Elmfield Hotel 01253 342174 Blackpool Approved  
Fairhaven Hotel 01253 627749    
Fossil Tree 01253 351599 Blackpool Approved 4th July
FourRooms Blackpool 01253 752171 Five Star Gold, Breakfast 30 July
Fox Lodge 01253 627637    
Franklyn Hotel 01253 622162   4th July
Fylde International (The) 01253 623735 Four Star AA 6th July
Gurkha (The) 01253 344292 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Glen Allan 01253 620838 Blackpool Approved
Golden Sands Hotel (The) 01253 341770    
Grange House Hotel      
Grosvenor View 01253 352851 Blackpool Approved  
Gynway 01253 314747 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Hampton by Hilton 01253 922540 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Happy Return (The) 01253 622596 Three Star 4th July
Hartshead 01253 353133 Blackpool Approved  
Hazelwood Hotel      
Heritage House   Blackpool Approved 4th July
Hilbre Hotel (The) 01253 343080 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Holme from Holme      
Holmelea Guest House 01253 367521    
Hornby House Hotel 01253     
Hornby Villa (The)      
Hotel 11 01253 540592 Blackpool Approved  
Hotel Babylon 01253 620407    
Hotel Libre      
Hotel Rouge      
Hotel Segantii      
Hotel Sheraton 01253 352723 Two Star 10th July
Hound Dog Hotel 01253 625416 Blackpool Approved August
Imperial Hotel 01253 623971 Four Star 4th July
Jollies Hotel 01253 624375 Blackpool Approved  
Keighley 01253 342506 Blackpool Approved 10 July
King Edward Hotel 01253 352932    
Kings Court   Blackpool Approved 31st August
Kings Hotel      
Kingsbury 01253 344279 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Kingscliffe 01253 620200 Blackpool Approved August
Kingsway Hotel 01253 341862   4th July
Laiths Lodge Caravan Site      
Langroyd (The) 01253 342263 Three Star 4th July
Langtry's 01253 352031 Five Star Gold, Breakfast  
Lawnswood Apartments 01253 402627 Three Star 4th July
Lawton (The) 01253 753471 Three Star 4th July
Lawrence House Hotel      
Lenbrook (The) 01253 626737 Blackpool Approved  
Leatham Park Hotel      
Lindisfarne Hol Apts 01253 346680 Blackpool Approved  
Lindum 01253 625696 Blackpool Approved 1st August
Lynbar Hotel      
Lyndale Holiday Flats      
Lyndene Guest House 01253 628317 Blackpool Approved  
Lyndene Hotel 01253 346779 Two Star 13th July
Lynmoore Guest House 01253 349888    
Lyric Hotel      
Manhattan 01253 297070 Blackpool Approved  
Manor House 01253 341270 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Mardi Gras 01253 751087 Three Star 28 July
Marsden Hotel      
Mercury 01253 346719 Blackpool Approved 1st August
Mere Hotel      
Miramar (The)      
Montclair (The) 01253 625860 Three Star & BPl Approved .
Moorfield Hotel      
Moorings 01253 351822   6th July
Nevada Hotel      
New Bond Hotel      
New Esplanade Hotel 01253 641646   4th July
New Sandringham Court (The) 01253 790909 Blackpool Approved 17th July
New Oxford Hotel (The) 01253 317116 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Newholme 01253 624377 Blackpool Approved 4th July
North Crest       
Norwood (The)   Four Star  24-Jul
Novello B&B      
Number One St Lukes 01253 343901 Five Star Gold, Breakfast 4th July
Number One South Beach 01253 343900 Five Star Gold, Breakfast 4th July
Oakleigh House 01253 346757    
Oasis Guest House      
Osprey Guest House      
Park House Hotel 01253 620081 Three Star 4th July
Park Villa Hotel      
Pearl (The) 01253 294167 Blackpool Approved 10th July
Pelham Lodge      
Phoenix Guest House 01253 299130    
Phillips Apartments 01253 342166 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Raffles Hotel 01253 294240 4 Star 7th July
Rayners 01253 346036 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Reads Court (Blackpool Resort) 01253 621005 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Red Stone (The) 01253 283387 Five Star Gold Breakfast 4th July
Rio Rita 01253 345203 Three Star  
Rockcliffe Hotel 01253 623476 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Rock Salt Studios      
Rockdene  01253 345810    
Roselea Hotel      
Rossall House 01253 347277 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Rouge 01253 311312 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Rowan (The) 01253 3552218 Blackpool Approved 10th July
Royal Carlton      
Royal Hotel 01253 342204 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Royal Ruskin 01253 624063 Three Star 6th July
Sandford Promenade Hotel      
Sandpiper Holiday Apartments      
Seabank Hotel      
Sea Cote Holiday Flats 01253 354435 Blackpool Approved Possibly 11th July
Seaforth Hotel      
Sefton B&B      
Sheron House 01253 354614 Four Star & Bpl Approved 4th July
Shirley Heights Hotel      
Shore Stay Guest House      
Smile Hotel (The) 01253 341131    
Sonora Park Hotel      
Sorento House      
South Beach Apartments      
South Shore Hotel      
Springfield Hotel      
Stanley Villa Camping Pods 01253 804588 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Stafford House Hotel      
Strathdon (The) 01253 343549 Four Star Breakfast  
Sunset (The) 01253 628369 Three Star  
Sunny Dee's 01253 294429 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Sutton Park 01253 402648 Blackpool Approved 4th July
The Aspire 01253 626467    
The Ascot Hotel      
The Big Blue Hotel      
The Cameo      
The Canasta      
The Dudley      
The Georgian Hollies      
The Glenroy 01253 344607    
The Glyndale       
The Golden Sands      
The Headlands Hotel      
The Hounddog Hotel      
The Lonsdale       
The Lumada      
The Lynton Hotel      
The Manor Grove 01253 625577 Blackpool Approved 4th July
The Mercury      
The Montclair      
The Mornington Hotel      
The New Brooklyn      
The New Sandringham Court Hotel      
The Obiston       
The Pearl Hotel      
The Quorn Hotel      
The Regency Hotel      
The Riviera Hotel      
The Sands Hotel      
The Scala Hotel 01253 342050    
The Stafford Hotel      
The Shining Diamond (formTrianon) 01253 621996 Blackpool Approved  
The Trafalgar 01253 625000    
The Trafford      
The Valdene Hotel 01253 291080    
Thorncliffe Hotel      
Thornhill Hotel 01253 346496    
Topaz 01253 625776 Blackpool Approved  
Tregenna 01253 624151 Blackpool Approved  
Tudor Guest House      
Tudor House 01253 344345 Blackpool Approved 11th July
Tudor House - Woodfield Road 01253 346165 Blackpool Approved 10th July
Valentine (The) 01253 622775 Four Star Gold 4th July
Vance House Holiday Apartments 01253 625974 3 Star AA Gold 4th July
Verdo 01253 343811 Blackpool Approved  
Walkden House      
Waves Hotel      
Wellington Hotel 01253 343685    
Wesco 01253 342772 Blackpool Approved 4th July
Westward Holiday Flats 01253 622877 One-Two Star  
Wilcot Hotel      
Wilowrfield Guest House      
Wilton International 01253 627763 Blckpool Approved 1st August
Windsor (The)    Four Star 4th July
Windsor Carlton      
Wynnstay 01253 672601 Blackpool Approved  

Eating Out

Name Type Open Date
Amber Taverns    
Bank Bar & Grill (The) Family run restaurant 4th July
Bar 19    
Beach House Bar & Bistro    
Dales Diner    
Hungarians Restaurant Family run restaurant 4th July
Hive Independent licensed coffee shop 4th July
Yorkshire Fisheries Chip Shop 4th July
Stefanis Family run Pizzeria 4th July
VIVA Vegas Diner Diner 4th July
Beach House Bar & Bistro Bar & Bistro 4th July
Michael Wan's Mandarin Chinese 15th July
Michael Wan's Wok Inn Street food style 8th July
Halfway House Family friendly gastropub 4th July
Waters Edge (Lytham, St Annes) Family friendly gastropub & restuarant 4th July
Marsh Mill Tavern (Thornton) Family friendly gastropub & restuarant 4th July
Lyndale Cafe    
Munchies Cafe    
Number 10 Ale House    
Promenade Cafe    
RnB Kitchen    
Raikes Hall    
Ziggy's Cafe Bar    


Name Location Open Date
The Regent Blackpool Now
Jawa Unique Toys Blackpool  
Moments In Time Blackpool  
Affinity Lancashire Anchorage Road Fleetwood Now

I own a Blackpool business - how do I apply?

 The scheme is free to join and open to all businesses across the sector. You must complete a self-assessment through Visit Britain’s online platform which includes a check-list to confirm that you have put the necessary processes in place. 
Upon successful completion of your application, you will be sent a secure link to download your certificate to display online and on your premise. You will also be sent a useful toolkit to help tell your customers that you are good to go. 

To be added to this page, please email the team with your business name, webiste, opening date and telephone number.