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Beach Safety

There’s nothing quite like a day at the seaside, is there? 

The gentle waves lapping against the shore, the smell of salt in the air and the warm feeling of sand between our toes. 

In normal circumstances, our beach would be bustling with families having fun in the sun. However, Blackpool beach has been unusually quiet at this time of year – and rightly so due to the threat of coronavirus. However, now more than ever, we have a duty to keep our visitors and residents safe. 

We’ve put together this short guide on how you can visit Blackpool beach safely to protect yourself, your loved ones and other visitors around you. 

Let’s all work together to turn the tide on coronavirus and stay safe!

Before you set off:

  • Check the live Blackpool beach webcam from Viva Blackpool if you plan to take a last-minute trip to the beach during peak time. If the beach looks busy between North Pier and Central Pier, have a second beach spot in mind (we have six miles of it!) or visit on another day. We want you to keep safe and able to social distance.

  • Make yourself aware of the tide times. We recommend visiting during low tide. Low tide helps to maximise the space available on the beach, making it easier to socially distance from others. You can take a look at the 2020  Blackpool beach tide times online. 

  • Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly – if it’s a sunny day, we advise bringing sun cream for your protection and a refillable water bottle, not only to keep you hydrated but to also cut down on single-use plastics at the beach.

  • Ensure you bring a hand pocket sanitiser with you to use regularly.


When you are at the beach:

  • Keep at a safe distance from other beach users and adhere to all the social distancing guidelines in place. 

  • Be aware of your surroundings and respect other beach users. If another beach user is too close to you or you feel uncomfortable, politely ask them to keep their distance.

  • The beach between North Pier and Central Pier is a popular beach spot for tourists. If it’s difficult to maintain social distancing, please make full use of our spectacular coastline and find another beach spot.

  • Regularly hand sanitise throughout the day.

  • Be mindful when queuing at any of the takeaway facilities on the promenade and respect the social distancing measures put in place.

  • Be aware that Blackpool is a tidal resort. We have beach patrol officers on duty every day, but we need you to look out for your own safety. Don’t go too deep into the water as open water can be hazardous and unpredictable.

  • Understand the risk of sandbars. Beach goers often underestimate the depth of the water and incoming tides can cut people off. Remember that the tide can come in very quickly. Making yourself aware of the tide times is not only beneficial for social distancing out of the water, but for your physical safety in the water too.

  • Protect yourself and our emergency services and do not put yourself or them at risk.

When you leave the beach:

  • Check you haven’t left anything behind (we only want you to leave your footprints!)
  • Please respect our beaches and environment and dispose of your litter in one of our 250 bins across the promenade.
  • As soon as you arrive home, wash your hands for a minimum of 30 seconds and wash your beach clothes.

Find out more about Blackpool beach and how you can plan your trip to Blackpool safely.