Visit Blackpool

2020 Tide Times

Now that we can all get out and about a little more, you could be tempted to experience the UK’s favourite seaside resort and enjoy our beaches and seafront. Blackpool benefits from a spectacular coastline, boasting six miles of sandy beach and three piers!

However, the coronavirus pandemic has left us all feeling a little apprehensive when it comes to activities away from home. You could be eager to get away from home or you may feel apprehensive and nervous for yourself and loved ones.  Whichever way you feel, we want to make sure you visit our beaches safely.

Making yourself aware of the tide times is not only beneficial for your safety, but you can also check when you can take advantage of the most beach space available. When the tide is out, you can enjoy a vast amount of sandy beach without worrying about the current social distancing measures. 

Below you will find the 2020 tide table for Blackpool, including low tide times and high tide times. Please note that you have approximately three hours either side of these times - for example, if it’s low tide at 13:00pm, you have around three hours to enjoy the low tide before the water starts to make its way back to the shore.