Meet in Blackpool

Accommodation for all budgets

Blackpool welcomes millions of visitors every year. For some it’s a welcome return to the seaside town, for others it’s the first time in the resort.

Every one of our guests can rest safe in the knowledge that, whatever their needs, they’ll find the perfect place to stay.

Whether it’s a traditional retreat or state-of-the-art accommodation, we have a vibrant array of establishments to choose from. From a next-generation luxury hotel to a comfortable guesthouse, Blackpool offers an extraordinary choice to suit every pocket.

To ensure your stay is exactly what you’re hoping for, we would encourage you to look for quality assessment accreditation such as the VisitEngland blue quality rose, the AA gold plaque, or the blue sign of our Blackpool Approved Accreditation Scheme.

Many of our proprietors take part in the National Accessible Scheme, ensuring a comfortable stay for guests with hearing, visual or mobility needs, just make sure to enquire when booking.

For your event, we can offer a dedicated accommodation booking service. Often, delegates are not familiar with the destination so, to ensure they make the right choice, we can offer a dedicated web page that allows guests to book direct at the hotels of your choice.

We can negotiate rates, oversee individual visitor requests, arrange rooming lists, and manage and monitor bookings ensuring you have a detailed picture of how many delegates have booked and where they are staying.

Delegates can book directly with the accommodation provider of their choice. Our team can assist with amends, cancellations, or individual requests all from one click or call.