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Grown Up Ghoulishness

Hallowe’en isn’t just for the kids . . . adults are in need of a good haunt, too!

Whilst we have lots of families visiting Blackpool, couples and groups of friends also visit in their droves. There’s plenty to creep up on adults, from spine-chilling attractions to exceptional entertainment! 

Clown at Pasaje Del TerrorPasaje del Terror - throughout October

Pasaje del Terror promises to go “beyond the limits of fear”, and from the feedback we’ve received (we’re massive wimps still mustering the courage to visit), the attraction absolutely delivers. Will you brave the UK’s longest-running and most intense scare-attraction?

Located in the Casino Building at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Pasaje del Terror has a theatrical setting arranged into 20 sets and with around 18 actors lurking in the darkness. They represent famous characters from the world’s most prolific horror movies and, don’t worry, they’ll be sure to say a socially-distanced hello.

The experience, which lasts about twelve minutes (depending on how fast you can run!) is terrifyingly realistic, with multiple special effects, fabulous costuming and frantic energy, and you’ll be left breathless and trembling until you find the exit.

Whilst it is on Blackpool Pleasure Beach grounds, you don’t need to purchase park admission to experience Pasaje del Terror as it is just outside.

On 23 and 30 October, the attraction will remain open until 22:00. Dare you leave in the dark? Single tickets are just £8.00 if you book in advance, and can be purchased here. Just to note, though, the attraction is not suitable for children under ten.

Circus of Horrors CastCircus of Horrors -  27 – 31 October

Blackpool is devilishly lucky; the fabulous Circus of Horrors troupe return to perform frequently at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and they’re back this year to make your toes curl from 27 October – 31 October and will be an immersive celebration of its 25-year anniversary.

The show is an amazing amalgamation of bizarre and fantastical circus acts that tell a shock-horror story, interwoven with magic, rock ‘n’ roll and loads of laughs. You’ll see fire eaters, contortionists, aerial acts, people being sawn in half, jugglers, and performers suspending themselves . . . by their hair.  This gruesome spectacle features a wonderful soundscape, and is performed with a forked tongue firmly in each cheek.

The show is not suitable for children but there are child-friendly matinee performances at 4pm every day. Find out more information here.

Tickets start from £15.00, and can be purchased here.

Journey To Hell – 8-31 October (selected dates)

Journey To Hell Freak Nights is a terrifying experience led through nine scare zones in Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The hair-raising 90 minute interactive event will guide you around the 125-year-old park after dark for a shock-filled adventure.

The terror-triggering areas include: The Legend Of The Cursed River Caves with demons everywhere to curse your souls;Journey to Hell Pleasure Beach Scare Maze, a complex labyrinth of dead ends and lost souls roaming around every corner; the Hell Tunnels; and Blind Faith, where speed, stealth, and darkness prevails.

Journey To hell is restricted to those aged 10 years and older. The event is a physically demanding environment and is in no way suitable for those with a nervous or weak disposition. Those who do get too scared will be escorted to the nearest emergency exit.

Will you have the fright of your life this Halloween?

For more details and to book one of the 11 nights of adrenaline-fuelled live action, visit the Blackpool Pleasure Beach website here.

Funny Girls Halloween Show – 29 October

A trip to Blackpool is never complete without a visit to the witty, colourful drag show, Funny Girls. This Halloween, you will be sure to get a frighteningly fantastic evening from our girls with a sprinkle of outrageous fun and everything in-between. Strictly for those aged 18 and over, you will witness eye-catching, thrilling numbers good enough to give you goose bumps!

Step inside this wonderful world of entertainment with a Halloween spin! Pre-booking is essential. Tickets start from £7.50 and can be purchased here.

Regent Cinema – Halloween films 1-31 October

Sometimes there’s nothing better than communally sharing the experience of watching a horror movie at the cinema rather than seeking the safety of behind your sofa at home. Collectively gasping, shrieking, screaming and then laughing it off with strangers is a fun-filled way to spend Halloween.

Take a look at the Regent Cinema’s spooky screenings throughout October. From the cult-classic, Scream, to the genuine horrors of Nightmare On Elm Street and Brides Of Dracula, you will truly have a haunting time. The event culminates on October 30-31 with The Shining which is guaranteed to give you the jitters.
Prices start from £5.50 per person.

Book here

Hangar 42 – Most Haunted Experience – 2 Oct & 29 – 30 OctHangar 42 Halloween 2021

Hangar 42 is hosting a series of Most Haunted experiences throughout October, the first one starring Most Haunted’s TV star Glen Hunt. You will be expertly guided on paranormal techniques to search for the afterlife, such as table-tipping and the human pendulum, as well as being provided with Ouija boards to conduct a spine-chilling séance. 

Go ghost hunting in the dead of the night until 2am and uncover eerier experiences around every corner of Hangar 42. Tickets start from £39 per person but we advise to only enter at your peril!

Book here