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Trams through the ages


What’s old and new, 11 miles long, a mixture of purple and green and runs along the seafront every day?


The world-famous Blackpool tramway, one of the resort’s most unique, must-see, must-do attractions!
Promenade and Tram

Dating back to 1885 and running the length of the coast from Blackpool to Fleetwood, it is one of the oldest electric tramways in the world. It is also the last-surviving first-generation tramways in the UK and one of only a handful of tramways in the world still using double deck trams, others including Hong Kong and the Alexandria Tramway in Egypt.

But that’s enough of the history!

Illuminated Tram

It’s also one of Blackpool’s most popular and enduring visitor attractions carrying more than five million passengers a year.
In 2012, the tramway was brought into the 21st century with a £100m investment in European style trams that provide a daily service along the coastal route.

That modern service is complemented by a fleet of heritage trams (including the double deckers) that run on selected days during the year on the same track, albeit at a slightly more leisurely pace!

Heritage Tram
They are as iconic a part of Blackpool as the Tower and give visitors a chance to relive the art deco era of the Thirties.
And if you want to enjoy the total Blackpool tram experience, don’t miss the opportunity take a ride on one of the extraordinary illuminated trams that run throughout the autumn Illuminations period.

Trust us – taking a ride on a tram disguised as a boat or Western train and bedecked in thousands of lights is one of those truly unique Blackpool experiences that you will never forget!

Illuminated Tram

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