Culture Blackpool"


When you think of Blackpool, you might think neon lights, entertainment, sticks of rock and a golden mile of beaches perfect for sand castles and donkey rides. However, as you're strolling down Blackpool Promenade, you're also soaking up centuries of British seaside culture!

We’re inviting you to take a walk on the B-Side of the seaside! We want you to uncover the wealth of world-class arts and culture that we have in abundance on our coast. Where else in the world can you walk over works of art like the Comedy Carpet, stroll South Shore graced with masterpieces and larger than life art installations?

Open your mind and our doors to discover outstanding architecture each with its own unique story; iconic listed buildings, lovingly restored Art Deco dwellings, the dizzy heights of the Tower and magnificent ballroom both here and at Blackpool Winter Gardens designed by the renowned and leading Victorian architect Frank Matcham.

Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find our seaside town has its very own sub culture that’s waiting to inspire you, with the world famous spectacular “Illuminations” light show, performing arts, events, festivals and  the Grundy Art Gallery. Look up from the beach, look down from the rollercoaster and beyond the lights to find out for yourself what Blackpool’s B/Side has to offer.