Culture Blackpool
Culture Blackpool"

Design Brief for Culture Map of Blackpool

A core group of Blackpool organisations have been working together since 2018 to raise awareness of the cultural offer in Blackpool to attract new cultural audiences and convert traditional visitors to engaging with the wonderful cultural offer available

The key organisations leading the CultureBlackpool project are Blackpool Council (with VisitBlackpool and Cultural Services), the Grand Theatre and LeftCoast.

In 2018, with support from the Arts Council, they appointed the design agency Vivid to deliver a cultural campaign to inform, engage and inspire new visitors to Blackpool and encourage existing and repeat visitors and residents to have a different perspective of Blackpool. This resulted in the ‘CultureBlackpool’ brand, a dedicated CultureBlackpool website, a commissioned film and the launch of the #B Side campaign with individual cultural itineraries promoted by high profile cultural figures with a connection to the town.

We would therefore now like an attractive culture map produced to introduce visitors to key buildings, sites and places they may want to explore during their stay.


  • We are looking to commission a designer to produce a Culture Map of the town and wider borough highlighting key cultural buildings, sites and places.
  • We want the map to be an attractive, quality piece of print that people may want to keep as a reminder of their visit. It will highlight the unexpected, cultural gems as well as the more obvious cultural heritage icons like the Blackpool Tower.
  • We envisage one side of the map focussing on the town centre with the other side showing the other cultural highlights like Stanley Park and the Great Promenade Show that are a short distance away within the borough.
  • We want you to develop an iconography for the town that we may want to use in social media etc. and the design must be flexible enough so we can produce other assets in the future.
  • We will supply the content in terms of the buildings, sites, places we want to mark on the map and it would need to incorporate the CultureBlackpool tile ‘This is Culture’.
  • We are keen that this piece of work is future proofed as much as possible and would welcome designs that could be used as templates for the future that can be edited by us in house – e.g. genre specific trails such as a Blackpool music trail.
  • We would expect you to supply the final design for the culture map in a print ready format; ideally alongside a layered editable file for each icon/asset; we would expect the copyright for these to be with us and this will be set out in any agreement; you must use an open access font so we can use it in the future; and we would require information on the colour palette and RGB / CMYK breakdown.

In summary, we want an artistic interpretation; a piece of print that you would keep – to appeal to cultural tourists. It needs to be easy to read, that you can put in your pocket, we also need it to be in a digital and mobile friendly format - not an app but easy to manipulate for a mobile device.


Application Deadline: 5pm, Friday 10 January
Decision made: Friday 17 January
Content supplied to you: no later than 31 January 2020
Draft design/s: no later than 28 February to allow time for amends
Final design sign off and print deadline: 13 March

A decision on who to award the commission to will be made by representatives from Blackpool Council, Grand Theatre and LeftCoast working together on the CultureBlackpool project.


We have a budget of up to £2.5k for design. There is a separate budget for print.


Please send a letter of application to Helen Clay giving us an idea of your proposal, why are you interested, why you are suited to this project with up to 3 relevant examples of recent work that were realised in a similar budget to the one we are expecting you to work with.  

If you would like to schedule an informal discussion or have any further questions please contact Helen Clay in the first instance.