Culture Blackpool"

Culture Blackpool

Since the 1800s, Blackpool has been Britain’s most popular resort.  With entertainment at the heart of our beloved Blackpool, our seaside town has been synonymous with fun-filled and action-packed adventures, it’s easy to forget the back story, the culture that lies beneath, above and beyond.
But now it’s time to turn the tide on Blackpool, we’re inviting you to take a walk on the B/Side of the seaside!

Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find our seaside town has its very own sub-culture that’s waiting to inspire you, with the world famous spectacular Blackpool Illuminations light show, of star-studded performances at the Grand Theatre and the Winter Gardens, events, festivals and galleries like the Grundy awash with contemporary visual art exhibitions that will appeal to art aficionados and curious first-timers alike.