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Blackpool Film Office

Blackpool Film Office is a one-stop-hub and your first point of contact for all filming and photography in the iconic seaside town. We are an experienced team situated within Blackpool Council eqipped to support and assist small and large-scale productions with all enquiries, relevant liaisons and permissions.

Offering a high-standard support service from pre to post production, Blackpool Film Office has helped bring hundreds of film and television productions to the resort, covering everything from mystery dramas to laugh-out-loud comedy to blockbuster Hollywood movies.

The team are primarily responsible for the outdoor spaces in the resort, including but not limited to: award-winning beaches, promenade, town centre, residential streets and properties managed by Blackpool Council.

If you are considering filming in Blackpool, Blackpool Film Office would be delighted to welcome your production to the UK’s favourite seaside resort.

Planning Your Shoot

Blackpool Film Office delivers a comprehensive support service for all types of production seeking permission to film in the resort.

From low-impact filming to more complex shoots, we make applying for filming permission quick and easy for filmmakers.

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Filming Locations

Looking to film in Blackpool? The UK's favourite seaside resort has a variety of spectacular locations to suit your shoot. 

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Filmed in Blackpool

Blackpool Film Office are proud to have welcomed a plethora of productions to the UK’s favourite seaside resort – from Hollywood blockbusters to small-scale productions.

Take a look at our selective mix of TV shows and films that were filmed right here in Blackpool.

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