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Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool is full of outdoor attractions that provide fun for all the family, and the multi award-winning Blackpool Zoo certainly guarantees an unmissable day out for all ages.

Situated in 32 acres of sprawling parkland, the Zoo is home to all your favourite animals, each housed in spacious enclosures that closely mimic their natural habitat. Visitors of all ages will love exploring the zoo’s woodland, waterfalls and lakes in search of exciting animals.

Animals at Blackpool Zoo

The best zoos have the most exciting animals, and you’ll find them all at Blackpool Zoo:


The Zoo’s African Lions, Wallace and his cub Khari, are among the most popular animals for visitors. Their enclosure includes a large window that allows you to get extremely close to these magnificent big cats.


Blackpool Zoo is home to a pair of beautiful Amur Tigers, Zamba and Alyona, who actually produced two cubs back in 2014. Of those, only one, Barney, remains in Blackpool, so look out for him playing in his enclosure.


Blackpool houses one Asian Elephant, Kate, who has a large enclosure to roam in. The Zoo currently has plans to build a bigger and better elephant enclosure that will allow them to bring in some companions for her in the not too distant future.


Blackpool Zoo is home to a whole family of wonderful Bornean Orang-utans. You won’t want to miss the chance to get to know dad Ramon, mum Vicky and their daughters, Cherie and Summer.


Head over to Gorilla Mountain and say hello to Blackpool Zoo’s five Western Lowland Gorillas. Keep an eye out for the group’s impressive Silverback, Bukavu, along with females Meliki and Njema and their children, Meisie and Moanda.


Penguins have always been a firm favourite of zoo visitors, so be sure to visit Blackpool Zoo’s spacious penguin enclosure, where these adorable birds can be found walking, swimming around and enjoying feeding time.


Another zoo favourite, Blackpool’s family of all-female giraffes spend their day wandering around their enclosure and nibbling on the various branches given to them by their keepers.

Did you know that giraffes only sleep for up to two hours per day, usually for no more than 10 minutes at a time? That means it’s more than likely that they’ll be up to something when you pop in to see them!

Sea Lions

Known from their appearances on iconic TV show Blue Peter, the Sea Lions are guaranteed to put on a show. Come and watch them jump acrobatically around their pool - there can be up to five displays a day, so there are plenty of opportunities to watch them in action.

And much more!

You’ll also find other favourites such as Zebras, Ostriches, Flamingos, Reindeer, Kangaroos, Meerkats, Wolves, Monkeys and Camels.

Children will love creepy crawlies such as Cockroaches and Blackpool Zoo’s Chilean Rose Tarantula, as well as the cuddly African Pygmy Goats and Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys.

As you can see, there are plenty of animals to visit, so you’d best start early!

Plan your visit

If you’re planning a full day out, you’ll need to factor in food and drink. The Lake View Cafe is the perfect place to stop for a bite to eat, serving burgers, pizzas and hot dogs that are sure to please everyone.

Elsewhere, the Coffee Shop is available if you want to stop off for a Starbucks, while during the summer months there are various ice cream kiosks open around the Zoo.

Don’t forget to visit the gift shop on the way out, too. You’ll find a selection of cuddly toys, books, models and souvenirs that will provide your little ones with something to remember their day by.

If you’d like to find out more, we recommend following Blackpool Zoo on Twitter for the latest updates, competitions and animal photography.



Last admission is 45 minutes before the zoo closes. Closed on Christmas Day

Blackpool Zoo

Tue 1st January 2013 - Tue 31st December 2013


Blackpool Zoo

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Blackpool Zoo

Thu 1st January 2015 - Thu 31st December 2015


Blackpool Zoo

Fri 1st January 2016 - Sat 31st December 2016


Blackpool Zoo

Sun 1st January 2017 - Sun 31st December 2017



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